The multilayer synthetic sleeve is the basis for producing of shrinkable bags. Raw materials, supplied for the production, are of high quality, certified and meet the requirements of the international standard system of food safety management. The products have approvals for human health safety.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of the package provide:

The main features of shrinkable bags:

Shelf life of bags is 24 months.

For the convenience of use in manufacturing, bags in the quantity of 250 items are packed in a separate polyethylene sack, which is hermetically sealed and put in carton box)

The company provides additional services in design, printing and producing flexible printing form (clishe).

PrJSC PentoPak has its own modern equipment for printing on synthetic casings and shrinkable bags.

The main features of shrinkable bag

Characteristics PentaTerm®
Thickness, microns 50
Shrinkage rate, % 55
Colour transparent, yellow, red, white, light-chestnut
Type КS, PS, DS
Shrinkable bags of the same type and size hermetically packaged (for hand opening ) +
Shrinkable bags of the same type and size, taped for machine opening before product packaging +
Printing +

Recommendations for using

Using PentaTerm®
All kinds of meat including poultry, meat semis products +(without bone)
Sausages: -
Boiled sausages, sausages +
Smoked, fried, uncooked jerked sausages +
Smoked food +
Smoked with a hard surface, sprinkled with decorative, with bone -
Poultry meat products (sausages, rolls, smoked) -
Group packing of all kinds of meat products -
Fish and fish products +

Designation of Application is conditional. When you select a shrinkable bag for packaging of the product you should take into consideration the following factors: type of product, shape, exterior features, portion of product (whole or portion), type of slicing(serving or group), bones involvement, weight of the product, etc.

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