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One of the main advantages of using of this sausage casing is the ability to make this casing in original shape of the ring, semi-ring and spiral. 

Pentaflex-Extra RTU®

It is innovation sausage casing. It combines such features as elasticity and softness with high shrinkage. Distinctive feature of Pentaflex-Extra RTU® is that it can be used without soaking. If customer wants, it is also possible to exclude process of showering.

Pentaflex Universal®

It is classic sausage casing, which is used for wide range of meat products. Pentaflex Universal is oriented for use on automatic and semi-automatic equipment. Sausages, packed in Pentaflex Universal, have a straight and smooth surface. It is delivered in reels or in shirred sticks, which contain 25-40 meters. According to customer’s wish, casing can be printed in different colors. We use certificated safe paints with resistance to high and low temperatures and endurance to mechanical damages.

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