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Pentaflex-Universal type Perfect


Classic high-quality polyamide casing, designed for packaging of a wide range of meat and dairy products.

The special properties of the Pentaflex-Universal type Perfect made it possible to take into account the wishes of customers - getting perfectly straight and rigid sausage loaf.

Mechanical strength, high elasticity, combined with other properties of the casing, in the complex provide stable values for overstuffing, cylindrical shape along the entire length of the loaf, it is possible to press the sausages.

Straight cylindrical sausages with a smooth, stretched surface or pressed in the molds will decorate any customer showcase. The casing can be used to work on all types of clippers.


Caliber: 34-120 mm

Color spectrum: white, red, dark red, pearl gold

A distinctive features of Pentaflex-Universal® type Perfect are:

- high elasticity;

- rich white color eliminates the transillumination of sausage meat;

- perfectly straight and rigid sausage loaf.

APPLICATION (meat, dairy industry)

· Cooked sausages in assortment, boiled ham, minced meat;

· Blood, liver, paste, brawn;

· Processed cheese, condensed milk, butter, spreads, ice cream.



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