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Quality policy


The main priority of "PentoPak" company is providing of the products quality with consideration of the consumer's wishes, which ensures profitability and liquidity of our products in Ukraine and abroad. The Company constantly increases the profit, thus providing for the personnel well-paid job.

System of values of "PentoPak" Company:

  • constant improvement of quality and efficiency of using artificial casings;
  • constant improvement of personnel's skills and creation of conditions for growth of creative potential;
  • expansion of variety of the products and reaching local and foreign markets at optimal costs;
  • constant perfection of all fields of business: R&D, production, marketing, finances, organisation and social activity;
  • providing of favourable psychological entourage for the personnel;
  • compliance with requirements of labour and time off;
  • personnel's labour stimulation;
  • respect to the personality;
  • responsible treatment of the environment protection
  • ensuring high quality of the products and services for the customers.

At the present time, we ensure high level of our customers' satisfaction by the following means:

  • usage of advanced technologies;
  • high quality of production;
  • usage of modern equipment;
  • usage of high-quality materials for production of artificial casings;
  • decrease of non-production costs, which allows making more accessible products for the consumers;
  • consideration of the customers' requests;
  • stimulation of the personnel's activity, appropriate analysis of suggestions and remarks.

We are able to achieve our goals by the means of the following:

  • solid collective of professionals, who are like-minded persons;
  • modern equipment and facilities of the company;
  • financial motivation of the personnel;
  • financial independence of the company;
  • on-going personnel training;
  • strict quality assurance;
  • clear distribution of the responsibilities for the entire production cycle.
  • In order to meet our customers' requests we are working on reduction of order fulfilment time, price reduction, widening variety of our products. The products' quality is guaranteed by quality assurance laboratory.

Our company puts forward the following tasks in the field of quality:

  • improvement of the products' and services quality;
  • widening variety of our products;
  • marketing researches;
  • on-going informing of customers on PentoPak's products;
  • making products more available for the customers by decreasing the self-cost and implementing advanced production technologies.

The above tasks shall be implemented by the following means:

  • permanent improvement of the personnel's skills;
  • increasing of marketing researches, usage of flexible discounts system for constant customers;
  • maintaining optimal structure of the personnel;
  • on-going analysis of the quality assurance activities;
  • creation of conditions necessary for maintaining health and capability of the workers during their labour;
  • efficient system of financial and moral stimulation for high-quality work;
  • implementation of advanced production technologies.

V.A. Lozovyy
General Director

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