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Pentaflex-Universal type Slicing

«PentoPak» company presents a new type of Pentaflex-Universal casing type Slicing. Casing is used for packing of all kinds of cooked sausages and hams with subsequent removal of casing from sausage after cooking.

Longitudinal break of casing allows quickly to take off a casing from sausage without damaging of surface of sausage. It is convenient as for a customer so for slicing and packing of sausage in vacuum or in modified environment.DSC 6780


- easy removal of casing from sausage

- casing can be removed as from the end of sausage so from the cut on a middle

- to decrease a pull of casing it is necessary to cut away the clips

- casing can used as on semi-automatic so automatic equipment


Calibers: 34-120 mm

Overstuffing (without soaking): 4%

                     (with soaking): 9-15%


Colors: transparent, blue, yellow

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