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Shrink bags PENTATERM® for packaging of dairy products


cheese                                                                                                                              For manufacturers of raw-milk industry it is important to keep products in packaging that provide its freshness as long as possible. An important factor in the use of high-quality packaging, capable to protect the product during the required time, to save natural properties and also significantly to improve the implementation time. 


PentoPak company offers vacuum shrink bags "PentaTerm". Thanks to high shrinkage (55%) package provides good fitting of product underlining its form.



 Bags "PentaTerm" have all necessary characteristics for packaging processed cheeses and cheeses without ripening:

  • good weldability excludes depressurizing of product during storage and transportation;
  • high barrier properties of the material provide protection of product from damage, penetration of extraneous smells, dust, contamination and moisture;
  • increase the shelf life of the packaged product;
  • shrinkage properties of bags raise the barrier, no interlayers of air between the product and package;
  • a possibility of overprinting (Packages are available as a full-color printing 5+5, and without it).


Shrink bags available in two colors: transparent and yellow

Thickness: 50 microns

Produced sizes: width   from 140 to 300 mm. 

                             length  –  from 150 to 900 mm.

 Packages available in the following types:

KS - bags with bottom seam

PS - packages with two side seams


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