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Novelties from PentoPak. The shrink bag PentaVac 60 microns

Novelties from PentoPak. The shrink bag PentaVac 60 microns

The new package of high mechanical strength, which ensures the safety of the packaged product at all stages of packaging, transport and storage, eliminates the amortization of the defect during storage and transportation. High resistance to tearing and puncture resistance as well as resistance to abrasion during transport is particulary important for lumpy products, products with the bone, as well as products with sharp protruding corners. The tensile strength of shrink bags PentaVac 60 microns is 140 MPa.


1.Raw meat

-By-products of all categories;

-Semi-finished large-sized, small-sized;

2. Group packing all types of finished products.

The package also provides the benefits package PentaVac:

-Transparency and gloss (clear visibility of the product and an attractive appearance);

- Good weldability (except depressurization product during storage and transportation); 

High barrier properties (protection of the product from drying out, damage, penetrating odor, dust, dirt and moisture);

-Shrinkage properties (adhesion product without air bubbles and moisture); 

- The application of printing (available as packages with full color printing, and without it. At what paints used are safe and their colors greatly enhanced through the use of pantones).

Packages are shipped free and adhesive tape. Use of a package on the belt allows to automate the packaging process consuming much time to lower costs.  


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